Here at Sports Coaching North West we pride ourselves in being flexible and meeting customers needs whatever they may be, both within sport generally and financially.

Within the Primary School setting we offer PPA cover, CPD lessons, breakfast, lunch and after school clubs in sports including; Football, Hockey, Cricket, Dodgeball, Athletics and much more.

As we head in to 2017 and beyond we understand that school budgets are under pressure more than ever, however your students still deserve outstanding PE.

This is where our bespoke packages come in, we commit to every school telling us what they need, whether that be 4 classes doing PE at once, a teacher needing CPD in a certain sport or even simply school team practice at lunch time. We will always look to fit around your budget and school day and we have certain options and techniques available to ensure the product you are paying for is top draw.

Want to find out what we can do for your school? Email or call 01270 449770