During breaks and lunch times on our Multi Sports Camps we like to do different quizzes, one of our most popular quizzes is “How well do you know the coaches?”.

Below is a sneak peak of some of the questions…

  1. Apart from Chris and Ross who has been working at SCNW the longest?
  2. Who is SCNW’s head of Dance?
  3. Who doesn’t like any sauce on their food (including curry)
  4. Who’s goes to watch Stoke FC home and away?
  5. Who plays Semi Professional Football?
  6. Which coach has a pet Sausage Dog?
  7. Who is charge of the SCNW staff Golf competition?
  8. Who won £1500 at Old Trafford in a half time draw competition?
  9. Who is scared of baked beans?
  10. As a child who represented Great Britain at Gymnastics?

Are you confident you’d get 10/10?