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We have recently added to our coaching portfolio the ability to teach sport in Nurseries to children from the age of 2 upwards.

Our aim is to introduce structured sport lessons to children to improve aspects of a child’s experience at a day nursery. Although we are primarily a sports coaching company we have created a programme specifically for nursery aged children, which incorporates the EYFS framework. Our specially designed 5 part programme has been developed around children playing, exploring and “having a go”. This will help the children to build up their fitness and will also help them to improve their confidence.

Active learning is a huge part of a child’s learning curve, if they keep trying when they are finding something difficult, then they will enjoy it a lot more when they finally achieve something.

We are finding these schemes of work very successful in our Tiny Tiger sessions on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Get in touch today to find out more about our Nursery scheme.