School Holidays

We are incredibly proud of our school holiday childcare scheme and we are very pleased to see the number of children attending growing each school holiday. We are lucky to use some great venues with large indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our Multi-Sports Camps are designed to keep children active during the school holidays and introduce them to a number of new sports. These sports include Cricket, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Tennis and many more. We are unique to other school holiday schemes because we give children a chance to decide for themselves what they would like to do.

We will offer two very different sports during each session and children can choose what they would like to do, this way we dont have any children doing things they don’t want to be doing.

Uniquely the camp runs from 9am – 5pm EVERY SCHOOL HOLIDAY throughout the year, including Christmas. NB. Our Christmas school holiday care may vary depending on where Christmas Day lands each year.

Every Friday of any Multi-Sports Course is Olympics Day. This day consists of each child picking a country at the start of the day, they then represent that country all day in 15 different sports. They accumulate points throughout the day depending on what position they come in each event. They also have the option to compose their own national anthem which they can sing when they win an event.

Early Drop Off is available at most of our venues at a £5.00 extra cost, please ask for more information when you book.

We also offer sport specific coaching courses. These courses are designed to improve children who have a love or a talent for one sport in particular. Our specialist coaches design coaching days to test players and teach new schools in an intense but enjoyable way. We offer sports specific coaching courses in Hockey, Rugby, Cricket and Tennis.
See our calendar for information on all of our upcoming school holiday courses.

Childcare vouchers can be accepted on all of our school holiday courses as well as our parent paid after school clubs during term time.

A new day break, your child can now attend different times of the day during our Multi Sports Camps. 4 Hours 9am – 1pm £10, 6 Hours 9am-3pm £15, 8 Hours 9am – 5pm £20, 9 Hours 8am – 5pm £25.

We are always looking for new venues to offer either our Multi Sports Camps or sport specific camps, if you have somewhere you think is suitable please get in touch with us via email on

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