Below is how we at Sports Coaching North West envisage a perfect Physical Education lesson in any primary school.

Lesson Preparation

The lead coach designs and plans their lesson before they arrive at the school and communicate their plans to an assistant coach and outlines what they want from the assistant coach.

On arrival at the school the lesson is set up in a large space so there is no wasted time once the children are ready.

Warm up (10-15 minutes)

The class arrive wherever the lesson is taking place whether that be inside in a school hall, on a playground or on a school playing field.  Within 3 minutes the class are set up and playing the first warm up game, this game can last anything between 5-10 minutes with small breaks to catch breathe and add new rules if necessary.

Following an extended warm up game which encourages the whole class to take part in high intensity physical activity comes stretches. Stretches are important and a habit we want children to get used to, they serve the purpose of preventing some injuries as well as improving children’s flexibility.

Main Body (25 – 30 minutes)

The lead coach will outline to the class what outcomes we are looking to achieve by the end of the lesson and take the time to explain various different drills and games designed to make sure that every child is better at whatever skill they are practicing than they were before the lesson.

There will never be a class where everybody is working at exactly the same level,  there will always be children working below where the lead coach expects and above where the lead coach expects. To combat this the lead coach will should offer slight changes in each drill so children can make things easier or harder should they feel the need.

Throughout the lesson the lead coach and assistant coach will always be on the look out for children who are working at an outstanding level and this be communicated to the school via the class teacher.

Game / Competition (5 – 10 minutes)

Towards the end of the lesson should look towards competitive games or situations to stimulate children’s competitive ways and encourage sportsmanship, will to win and how to lose.

Cool Down and Summary (5 – 10 minutes)

To finish the lesson the lead coach would go through the aims from the start of the lesson and run a small game or collective warm down so children are physically cooled down and mentally before they go back to the school classroom.


After the lesson the lead coach and assistant coach communicate with each other and work out what went well and what could be improved on for next time.